Monday, May 25, 2015

Actress Anne Meara Dies At Age 85

Via CNN:
Comedy great Anne Meara, the quick-witted half of the comedy team "Stiller & Meara," died at 85 on Saturday, her family said. Meara and her husband, Jerry Stiller, were married for 61 years and worked together almost as long, the family said in a statement. In addition to her husband, she is survived by her children, comic actor Ben Stiller, daughter Amy Stiller and grandchildren. "Anne's memory lives on in the hearts of daughter Amy, son Ben, her grandchildren, her extended family and friends, and the millions she entertained as an actress, writer and comedienne," the family statement said. The couple made their name as Stiller & Meara in the 1960s with frequent performances on variety shows, including the "The Ed Sullivan Show." Desperate to come up with a bit at the last minute, they plumbed the depths of their background to create "uber-Jewish guy" Hershey Horowitz and "uber-Irish girl" Mary Elizabeth Doyle -- caricatures of themselves, they said in 2005.

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IRELAND: Marriages By September

Via the Irish Times:
Work will begin this week to give effect to the referendum decision to amend the Constitution with the first same-sex marriages likely to take place as early as September. Tánaiste Joan Burton said legislation would be brought before the Seanad and Dáil as early as possible, with the aim of getting it passed before the summer recess. “That would mean that we would be in a position to have same-sex marriage celebrations, civil ceremonies by, probably, September,” she told reporters at the Africa Day celebrations in the Phoenix Park. The Constitution will be formally amended in the coming days when President Michael D Higgins signs the Marriage Equality Bill into law, and a new sentence will be added to article 41 stating: “Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex.” To give effect to the amendment, the Oireachtas will enact the Marriage Bill 2015, which will state in law the principle that being of the same sex is no longer an impediment to marriage. It will also make clear that religious solemnisers will not be obliged to solemnise the marriage of a same-sex couple, and that the same prohibited degrees of relationship will apply to same-sex marriages.
RELATED:  In the above map from Freedom To Marry, Finland is shaded red although their law doesn't go into effect until March 2017. Slovenia is shaded light green because although their legislature approved same-sex marriage in March 2015, their bill has not yet been signed into law due to a continuing battle to place the issue to a public referendum.

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Mike Huckabee: I Would Ignore SCOTUS On Gay Marriage, "The Supreme Court Isn't The Supreme Being"

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AUSTRALIA: PM Tony Abbott Rejects Call For Referendum Of Same-Sex Marriage

Via ABC News Australia:
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has dismissed the idea of a referendum on same-sex marriage in Australia, after Ireland voted in favour of amending the country's constitution on the issue. All of Ireland's 43 constituencies except one voted in favour of the measure, with the final figures showing 62 per cent of votes in favour of the change and 38 per cent against. Mr Abbott said "questions of marriage are the preserve of the Commonwealth Parliament". "Referendums are held in this country where there's a proposal to change the constitution," he said. "I don't think anyone is suggesting the constitution needs to be changed in this respect." Mr Abbott reiterated his opposition to same-sex marriage and said it is a matter for the Coalition party room to decide whether MPs get a conscience vote, should legislation come before parliament. Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, who is in favour of marriage equality, said Mr Abbott now needs explain why the Government is unwilling to pursue the change. "If the Irish people can vote in favour of marriage equality, the question has to be asked, what is Tony Abbott's problem with it?" he said.
Support for gay marriage is believed to be a few votes short of passage in the legislature.

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Exorcism Of The Day

"This exorcism has it all – sex, drugs, and demons, and astral-projection, soul-control! Shyan wanted deliverance so badly that he moved to one of Bob’s seminar cities so he could meet Bob in person. Demons entered through sex and drugs. Shyan’s drug dealer, Danny, used witchcraft to get inside Shyan’s soul and control him. Danny had been incested and gave his demon, Jezebel, to Shyan. Watch for the main demon from an ancient Greek god-king."

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

IRELAND: Official Tourism Bureau Promotes LGBT Matchmaking Convention

From Discover Ireland: "Did you know that same sex couples can now get married in the Republic of Ireland? It’s true! Yes, it’s all about love in Ireland, from fun-tastic LGBT events like The Outing (the world’s first ever LGBT matchmaking festival) to some of the most romantic wedding locations on the planet." More from the Irish Mirror:
The dust had barely settled on Dublin Castle when tourism chiefs kicked off plans to capitalise on gay marriage. Nine regions are to be targeted in a marketing blitz - Britain, the US, Canada, the Nordic region, Australia, France, Spain, Italy and Germany - as bosses move to promote Ireland for weddings and honeymoons. They are also hoping for an explosion of interest in The Outing - billed as the world's only gay matchmaking festival. An offshoot of the 157-year-old Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival, the organisers will turn the Co Clare spa town gay this October for the third year running. Tourism Ireland launched its "Ireland says I do" marketing plan less than 24 hours after 1.2 million people gave a resounding backing to same-sex marriage. Chief executive Niall Gibbons said: "Ireland is in the international spotlight and trending for all the right reasons across social and international media. "It's not often you get a blast of publicity like that."
Discover Ireland is jumping the gun a wee bit as Ireland's Justice Department confirmed today that it will publish a same-sex marriage bill this week. That formality must be approved by Parliament and marriages are expected to commence by early fall. Learn more about LGBT tourism to Ireland on their official site, where the headline today reads "Yes To Love In Ireland."

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Watch Conchita Wurst Fly At Eurovision

Yesterday's Eurovision 2015 final opened with last year's winner Conchita Wurst making a dramatic entrance from below the audience and then flying over their heads to the main stage. At the end of the night, the early voting lead swung back and forth between Russia and Sweden, the latter of whom was declared the winner when their lead could not be overcome by the remaining countries yet to announce their votes. Sweden first won Eurovision in 1974 with ABBA's Waterloo and their second-most recent of five wins to date came in 2012 with Loreen's club stomper Euphoria. Eurovision 2016 will be held in Sweden, which has hosted the contest twice in Stockholm, once in Gothenburg, and in Malmo in 2012. Eurogays are now anxiously awaiting the 2016 host city announcement so they can make their travel plans. 

RELATED: JMG reader Str8 Grandmother directs us to this great Eurovision photo recap over on Buzzfeed, which notes that the audience booed very loudly every time points were awarded to Russia. Those reactions, inspired no doubt by Russia's anti-gay laws, prompted an onstage scolding from the show's presenters, something I'd not seen in all my years of watching Eurovision. Perhaps obviously, nobody in the largely gay audience wanted to attend Eurovision in Moscow next year.

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Editorial Of The Day

From the editorial board of the New York Times:
In a statement conceding defeat, the Iona Institute, the main opposition group, said it would continue to affirm “the importance of biological ties and of motherhood and fatherhood.” The absurdity of that statement speaks for itself. As soon as the referendum is ratified by Parliament, Ireland will join 19 nations that have legalized same-sex marriage — an honor roll that does not include the United States.

The Irish path to legalizing same-sex marriage was remarkable because advocates have long seen courts and legislative initiatives as easier paths to prevail on an issue that continues to trouble many people on moral and religious grounds. Lawmakers in the United Kingdom approved same-sex marriage in 2013. In the United States, the expanding recognition of marriage rights in 36 states and the District of Columbia has been achieved through lawsuits and legislatures. The Supreme Court is expected to rule next month on a case that could establish a constitutional right to same-sex marriage.

The outcome in Ireland sends an unmistakable signal to politicians and religious leaders around the world who continue to harbor intolerant views against gays and lesbians. It also should offer hope to sexual minorities in Russia, the Arab world and many African nations where intolerance and discriminatory laws remain widespread. The tide is shifting quickly. Even in unlikely places, love and justice will continue to prevail.

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Here's Duggar's FRC Resignation Letter

"I deeply regret that recent media reports about my long ago past has brought negative attention to FRC Action and its work to preserve and advance the interests of family, faith, and freedom in the political arena. FRC Action's mission to fortify the traditional foundations of civil society is more important now than ever before, and I'm heartbroken that any attention has been diverted from these noble causes to my wrong actions as a young teenager. I am so thankful for God's grace, forgiveness, and redemptive heart that allowed me to transform into a man of faith and testimony. In good faith, I cannot allow Family Research Council to be impacted by mistakes I made as a teenager, so I am resigning as Executive Director of FRC Action. I will continue to pray for the advancements of the causes we believe in, and I hope that in the days ahead you will pray for me and Anna as we seek God to discover the next chapter of our lives in His service." - Josh Duggar, via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins.

RELATED: Perkins, Peter Sprigg, and other FRC staffers have been silent about the Duggar scandal on social media, as has Todd Starnes, who has not uttered a peep about his BFF since the story broke.

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Ben Carson Wins GOP Straw Poll

Via The Hill:
Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson won the presidential straw poll at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City on Saturday, beating out Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). Carson won 25.4 percent of the vote, while Walker took 20.5 percent and Cruz received 16.4 percent. Other GOP presidential hopefuls and potential candidates finished far behind the top trio. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie finished a distant fourth with 5.3 percent of the vote, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry took 5 percent, and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush won 4.9 percent. Winning the straw poll could provide a boost to Carson’s long-shot candidacy. “The fact of the matter is that I believe our founders set up a system that wasn’t supposed to cater to a political class,” Carson said at the conference. “It was supposed to cater to the people.”
Walker and Perry are expected to formally announce their candidacies in the next couple of weeks.

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Panti Bliss: I'm Drunk On Yes

"Yes. It's such a little word but today it feels so big. YES. Has one simple syllable ever meant so much before? Not to me anyway. I've never asked anyone to marry me, but today it feels like I asked a whole country to marry me and they said Yes. And I'm delighted. Ecstatic. I'm over the gay moon and drunk on Yes, and like any happy groom on his wedding morning, I'm truly, deeply, madly in love. I am in love with the whole country.

"Groups of men and women all across the country - students with shaved heads and grandmothers with headscarves, indefatigable activists and groggy-from-night-work taxi drivers - knocking on the doors of their fellow citizens in the pursuit of a simple and beautiful idea: the we are all equally deserving of respect.

"On Friday, Ireland agreed with that simple proposition. Forty years after those first brave men and women stood up and said, 'no more', the people of Ireland said Yes, and what must have seemed impossible all those years ago has been achieved: Ireland's LGBTI citizens are full and equal citizens under the law." - Panti Bliss, writing for the Sunday Independent.

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IRELAND: Celebration In Dublin

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Breitbart Has The Ireland Sadz

"To the very end, opponents of same-sex marriage in Ireland held out hope. Yesterday they were reporting high numbers of immigrant Africans and Muslims standing in line at polling stations and hoped they would balance out the hordes of young people who were expected to make Ireland the first country in the world to vote for same-sex marriage. The campaign was marked by charges of hatred and homophobia against gays, often made by officials of the government. Those charges continued on the morning of the victory. On the Marian Finucane radio show this morning in Dublin, voting 'no' was described as a 'homophobic act.' The vote in Ireland will likely embolden similar efforts around Europe. With the addition of Ireland, same-sex marriage is now allowed in 18 countries around the world." - Hate group leader Austin Ruse, writing for Breitbart.

NOTE: Muslims make up barely 1% of Ireland's population. Immigrants from African nations comprise 0.9%.

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Brian Brown Has The Ireland Super Sadz

"We want to thank David Quinn and The Iona Institute for fighting the good fight running the No campaign against tremendous odds in Ireland. We are disappointed but not surprised with the apparent passage of a referendum in Ireland providing for the redefinition of marriage in that country. This is a reflection on the increasingly secularized nature of Ireland, together with the utter abandonment of principle by every political party in the nation, all of whom endorsed the referendum. This, combined with intense harassment of any group or individual who spoke out in opposition to the referendum, made it difficult for opponents.

"Despite this, millions of Irish citizens stood to vote to uphold the truth of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Even with this decision in Ireland, the idea of same-sex marriage has been widely rejected by the community of nations around the world, where only 18 nations recognize same-sex 'marriage', almost all of them in the west, which represents less than 10% of the nations in the world.

"If there is any relevance to the Irish vote for people here in the United States, it is that the US Supreme Court should take note that the people of Ireland at least had the opportunity to vote. This is what we demand of our justices — respect the right of people to define marriage in the law for themselves. If that occurs, we are confident that the American people will continue to support marriage in the law as it exists in reality — the union of one man and one woman in order to provide the ideal environment for any children born of their union." - Hate group leader Brian Brown, lying about the numbers as always, via press release. Bolding is motherfucking mine.

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LIVE VIDEO: Eurovision 2015 Finals
UPDATE: Sweden Wins, Russia Takes Second, Italy Finishes Third

Hold on my tender kittens because Gay Christmas is not over yet! The Eurovision 2015 finals in Vienna begin at 3PM US east coast time. The favorites are Sweden and Russia, but I'm still partial to the UK, Latvia, Slovenia, Cyprus, and Israel - in that order. (I think.) Jump into the comments, follow along, and give us your favorites and reviews. Conchita Wurst, last year's winner, will be hosting the green room segments and it looks like the house is packed with our people, as always.

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The Almost Entirely Emerald Isle

Only the Roscommon-South Leitrim Constituency voted "NO" and that was by barely more than one thousand votes.

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IRELAND: It's Official!

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Happy St. Panti's Day!

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Porno Pete Has The Ireland Sadz

David Quinn is the head of Ireland's anti-gay Iona Institute.

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Sing It, Judy!

No gay celebration is complete without some Judy Garland!

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IRELAND: Right Now In Dublin

UPDATE: It looks like the above UK-based NPR reporter is mistaken and that the photo he tweeted this morning is actually from yesterday. Doesn't matter, we'll take it.

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Today's Irish Daily Mirror

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Quote Of The Day - Evan Wolfson

"With a nationwide landslide in favor, Ireland now becomes the first country in the world to pass the freedom to marry by popular referendum, as well as the 21st nation and the 10th predominantly Catholic country in which same-sex couples can marry. Our Irish colleagues at Yes Equality ran a magnificent campaign and Freedom to Marry is proud to have shared what we’ve learned in our own campaign here in the US. The global momentum for the freedom to marry reflects and reinforces the progress we are making here in the United States – and we look now to the Supreme Court to bring our country to national resolution, following Ireland’s good example." - Evan Wolfson, head of Freedom To Marry, via press release.

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CBS: Ireland Embraces Same-Sex Marriage

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IRELAND: Mothers & Fathers Matter Offers "Warm Congratulations" To Yes Campaign

"We offer our warm congratulations to the YES campaign on their victory. There are thousands of people who worked hard for them to achieve this result, and they can be justifiably happy with their efforts today. Though at times this campaign was unpleasant for people on all sides, nobody who involves themselves in a campaign does so with anything but the good of their country at heart. There is no better way to resolve difference than the way we are using today. From our point of view, we have represented a proportion of the population greater than those who support any political party. One in three Irish people in this campaign was not represented by the political establishment, the media, or the institutions of state. We are proud to have fought on behalf of those voices when nobody else would. Today’s result was achieved by the Government after they issued certain promises about surrogacy, adoption, and a range of other issues. A lot of voters believed those assurances and they must now be kept." - Mothers & Fathers Matter, via press release.

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From Ireland's Minister Of Equality

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IRELAND: Headlines Of The Day

Watch live coverage here.

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IRELAND: Fine Gael Calls It

From the Associated Press:
Leaders on both sides of Ireland's gay marriage campaign say advocates of legalization have won a resounding victory with the ballot count still underway. Senior figures from the "no" campaign, who sought to prevent Ireland's constitution from being amended to permit gay marriage, say the only question Saturday is how large the "yes" side's margin of victory will be from Friday's vote. An Irish Cabinet minister, Leo Varadkar, who came out as gay at the start of the government's campaign, says Dublin looks to have voted about 70 percent in favor of gay marriage, while most districts outside the capital also were reporting strong "yes" leads. Official results come later Saturday. Varadkar said: "We're the first country in the world to enshrine marriage equality in our constitution and do so by popular mandate. That makes us a beacon, a light to the rest of the world of liberty and equality. It's a very proud day to be Irish."

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Less than one hour into the counting of the ballots, leading Irish activist Panti Bliss is calling it a landslide in favor of same-sex marriage. Three minutes later David Quinn, founder of the anti-gay Iona Institute tweeted his congratulations to the Yes Equality side. From the Irish Times:
First indications show a strong Yes vote for same-sex marriage in urban areas as counting gets under way in count centres around the country. Ballot boxes were opened at 9am and votes cast in the same-sex referendum are being counted first. While the official result is not expected until this evening, early tallies are expected to give a clear indication of the likely result. Prominent No campaigner and director of the Iona Institute David Quinn seemed to concede the vote tweeting “Congratulations to the Yes site. Well done.” According to Minister for Equality Aodhán Ó Ríordáin the vote seems to be heavily in favour of allowing same-sex marriage. Speaking from the main count centre in Dublin shortly after the first tallies emerged Mr Ó Ríordáin said: “I think it’s won. I’ve seen bellwether boxes open, middle-of-the road areas who wouldn’t necessarily be liberal and they are resoundingly voting yes”. Fianna Fáil leader Micheal Martin has said it’s looking like an emphatic yes vote in the same-sex marriage referendum. Fine Gael Minister for Health Leo Varadkar has said it’s now a question of whether any constituency will return a no vote.
Results have not yet been posted to the government's official tabulation site.

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